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Baller Blockin Zip

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At OffTheDribble, we don’t believe that sharing your knowledge or resources hinders or takes away from any success you may have. We believe that as a community sharing what you got (when asked) and allowing your peers to ball along side you is essential to keeping the culture alive.

Coming from a big little city, we understand the aspirations of many of our peers is to “make it out” doing what we all love.

If you’re fortunate enough, you may have some big names you can lean on for guidance and support. If you’re like us, you’re figuring everything out on your own as you go, and that sh** gets tough. Believe me. Yeah, there’s google and youtube, and gurus out there but a lot of that be cap and y’all know it. (still do your research!!!!)

We are all different, and each have our own unique stories to tell. “What you’re imagining, is not what i’m imagining”. & that’s the beauty of being able to help someone else’s vision come to fruition.. IT’S THERE’S. It doesn’t harm you or take from you in any way. At OTD, we choose to see it as helping to put more stars in the sky.

Now we understand that not everyone is gonna feel this, but honestly we don’t care. Y’all know the saying.. it’s better to give than it is to receive. Holla.

-10oz. Heavyweight fleece
-Split stitch double needle sewing on all seams
-Nickel eyelets
-Generous fit
-Graphic print on back
-Graphic print on front left pocket